A must read written By Danny B, One of Nigeria finest Gospel Artist

 1 Listen to me, the people of my beloved nation Nigeria, you people who live far away, listen!
Before I was born, the LORD chose me
and appointed me to be your president.

2 He made my words as sharp as a sword.
With His own hand He protected me.
He made me like an arrow,
sharp and ready for use.

3 He said to me, “Jonah, you are My servant;
because of you, people will praise Me.”

4 I said, “I have worked, eight years now, but how hopeless it is!
I have used up my strength, but have accomplished nothing.” Boko haram is terrorize my country, they are killing the people that You placed under my care, the people that I love so much." Yet I can trust You God to defend my cause; and He said to me son, by the arm of flesh shall no man prevail.
I will reward you for the good that you've done.

5 Before you were born, I appointed you;
I made you My servant to bring back our girls,
to bring back the scattered people of the North.
I have given you My honor;
I am the source of your strength.

6.The LORD said to me" Jonah,
“I have a greater task for you in the year 2015"
Not only will you restore peace and greatness to
the people of Nigeria, and most importantly the people of the North who have survived terrorist attacks,
but I will also make you a light to the nations—
so that all the world may be saved.”

7 Nigeria's holy God and savior says
to the one who is deeply despised,
who is hated by the nations because of me.
“Kings will see you arise,
and will rise to show their respect;
princes also will see you,
and they will bow low to honor you.”
This will happen because the LORD has chosen me, His servant, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to fulfill His purpose in Nigeria come February 14, vote wisely, vote for transformation Nigeria, vote for me again, and you'll be glad you did.
The holy God of Nigeria keeps His promises...#Hallelujah

written By Danny B
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