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What Is The Meaning Of Twitter X New Name And Logo

What Is The Meaning Of Twitter X
Musk appears to have a longstanding fixation on the letter X, dubbing his very first startup (After a merger, the app became PayPal, although Musk reportedly pushed for it to keep the name, X, according to biographer Walter Isaacson.) After buying Twitter, Musk reportedly texted Isaacson that he was "very excited about finally implementing as it should have been done, using Twitter as an accelerant!"

The letter X surfaces throughout Musk's other endeavors as well, including his space-exploration venture SpaceX,  his recently launched artificial-intelligence app xAI, and the Model X, one of electric car company Tesla's earliest models. Musk even refers to his son singer Grimes, by the name X.

"It's just X, the letter X," he said on the Joe Rogan Experience recently, explaining how to pronounce his son X Æ A-XII's name.

Musk regained ownership of six years ago. He formally changed Twitter's legal name to X Corp in April. Over the weekend, was redirected to, and on Monday a crane began to remove Twitter's iconic bird logo from the company's San Francisco headquarters. However, police stopped the work soon after it began.

What does this mean for Twitter?

For now, the platform's rebrand is just a name change — no new features have been introduced, staying true to Musk's apparent preferred product strategy of hype first, delivery much later.

But the name change suggests Musk is likely to keep control of the company in the near future, said Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mandeep Singh. After Musk's takeover in April of 2022, some observers believed the billionaire could make some changes to Twitter and quickly flip it to a different owner, Singh said.

"That option is off the table now given the name change — I don't think there's any other prospective buyer who will take it now," he said.


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