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{ARTICLE} What to do on first date by #A.O.S

In general; people tend to date and marry people with whom they have common characteristics and temperamental. Thus mate selection typically results in homogeneous marriages, in which d partners are similar in a variety of ways.

  Characteristics that couples tend to share include race, ethnicity, religion, economic status, age and the level of prestige of there parents. Dating is the process of spending quality time with prospective partners to become acquainted. Date may take place in groups or between just two individuals

Choice of location:
The venue of the date should be where u know u can afford at least a cup of ice cream or a drink. whatever location u chose should be conducive without so many distractions be considerate enough to ask your partner if he or she would mind a place in d neighborhood or far from it. note that asking questions and making suggestions in a date engenders relaxation and openness.

 Free mind set:
u must have an open mind Irrespective of what u have heard about the person or what the general knowledge about the person is in terms of religion, ethnicity exposure and friends. a lot of people judge individual by what they think of them. this can be very misleading. 

Dress code:
there is no law that specifies a particular dress code for a first date, don't dress to kill or intimidate nor dress to misinterpret your capacity and personality. 

Be careful:
don't jump into conclusions about whether the person would be fit for a wife, a flirt or a bed mate. Seduction may work for a shallow sex predicated flings. but a true lifetime relationship must be based on careful character assessment. 

Love language:
before a date develops into an agreed relationship, there is need for proper understanding of emotions and felling. Your emotional reaction to something could differ from that of your partner so to avoid Irritation and quarrels, you need to understand and digest your partners love language.

Love Language is the special emotional attachment in us that springs up love and comfort. it is not a developed way of life. rather each of us were born into this world with our own innate tendencies to be comforted and emotionally fulfilled by certain things and situation.


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