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After a long year 3:16 is set to drop a hot smoking new single Title Gbam On Point #GbamOnPoint . This song is a figurative expression of Jesus's personality and His workings in the life of a believer. The song started out as a free style in my mind when I bumped into an hard-core street hip hop beat, then I taught about making a song to God's glory.

About the name 3:16, I didn't start up with the name, I started out with GodSon from my university days, but I was lead to change that using the code 3:16. Moreover, my full name is Ehinsanmi Olatunji John, i was born and brought up in Lagos Nigeria with parents from Ondo State, so 3:16 came out from the name John.
This song is not the usual kind of gospel music, but an unusual kind. So downloading this song means one should brace up for the unusual and get ready to be blessed and edified in an unusual way. 
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3:16 Bio

My name is Ehinsanmi Olatunji John, was born and brought up in Lagos Nigeria with parents from Ondo State. Music for me has been something I grew up listening to, but my love for hiphop stands out like no other.
My decision to go into the hiphop game was made during my university days between 2009 & 2012. I was a founding member of the group called gravity in my university days going about making good music with 3 E's as our core values (Entertain, Educate & Edify).
I'm not just a rapper but also a poet. I started out with the stage name GodSon and was lead to change the stage name using the code name 3:16. Hiphop for me is a means to get across positive & inspirational message to my generation and the generation coming after.

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