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The inspiration that birthed this Song came from scene that took place during my secondary School Days, A Close Friend Died instead of me and this really me thinking hard and deep.
I had numerous revelations years after of how lovely and Caring God is.

Gave is son for me, Never looked down at my ingrate self, Was beaten and spat on because of me. I call Him the BABA ARA TOMOYI OMO (A FATHER WHO KNOWS THE VALUE OF HIS SON).. Forever will I be grateful

David Destiny (Born Jan 20th,1992) is a Nigerian musician, producer, and songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist. He is the first child of his parents, He has Four siblings. He started singing at a very young age.



Sometimes I wonder why
You chose to die for me
Beaten and crucified
Just for a mortal being

You gave your life for me
While I was yet a sinner
you shed your blood for me
On the cross of calvary

You traded heaven
For a wooden Cross
You became poor
So I could be rich

Ife  ayemi i
For all you've done for me
That's why I am singing

             BABA ARA TOMOYI OMO
             BABA ARA TOMOYI OMO (4*)
  (The wonderful father who knows the value a Child)

Call:Owun lohun tojumi (He takes Care of me)
Call:-Owun lohun Shekemi (He Nurtures me)
Call:-Baba ara ni o (Wonderful Father )
Call:-Kosohun Kolese (There's nothing he can't do)
Response:-Ahahaha   (2*)


(Lead Guitar plays)

Verse 2:-

For thirty piece of silver
Judas sold my Jesus

(Back up)
The lamb of God
Who came to set me free

(Lead)........who came to set me free

Ana legba o (He was beaten)
Atuto silara (He was spat on)
Ade lade egun (He was worn a woven crown thorns)
Nitiri temi (Because of me)

Omo wo  iyare (Son look at your mother)
Mama wo omo re (Mother look at your Son)
Toba shey iwoni (If it were you)
shole ku Funmi (Could you have died for me?

Igba taiye sopotan (When the World says it finished)
Baba mi sopo  oku o (God says there are more left)
Igba taiye sopo  opari (when the world says its Has ENDED)
Baba mi lowun sheshe bere (My says HE JUST STARTED)

            BABA ARA TOMOYI OMO (4*)

Call:Owun lohun tojumi
Call:-Owun lohun Shekemi
Call:-Baba ara ni o
Call:-Kosohun Kolese

Oba tolo o kanrin kese yes sir
Aboja gborogboro
You're God,you're God
There is nobody like you yes sir

(Chairman Mi o o)
Abojaa GboroGboro
Obanilalejo Kotusenilalejo Nile eni
Otasanman bi  eni  teni n n
Awa  a maridio
Sangiri lagiri
Ola giri Gbo
Ola giri Gbo o
(Olagiri Gbo Gbo Gbo) 4*

Olagiri gbo gbo gbo gbo gbo

Olagiri gbo gbo gbo gbo


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