Music: Tye Tribbett - ‘LIVE’ (+ Lyrics) | @TyeTribbett

Tribbett titled 'Live''. The single is from Tye Tribbett's latest album 'The Bloody Win'.
Listen to the track below;


Wake up, shake yaself, all who are sleepin GET ON UP
It’s time for revival, that FRESHness, that new thing RISE UP
Been too long, in the same place, don’t sit there, don’t dry up
Your past is beneath you, look up now, I’m telling you THERE’S MORE

LIVE!!!.... Get Up and Live
All who be weary and tired it’s time for your strength, RENEWED
No more these dry bones, get up now, come together and MOVE!
Don’t chu ever let the devil make you feel like you can’t be the one
Jesus died He paid the price now you and I we have the right to live

LIVE!!!... (Get Up and Live)
It’s not the time to throw the towel
Come too far to give up now
Don’t let the devil take yo life
Come out of the grave and stand alive

We speak LIFE
We speak HOPE
We speak FREEDOM…over these bones

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