Why You Need To Promote Your Music With The Djs By ( Ayodele Oluwasegun .s. )

This little Write Up about Music Promotion was inspired by Mr Oyez. Of GospelNaija.com. says:
Someone needs to explain to me why I need to promote my music with a DJ, what i stand to gain, what my fans stand to gain and what the role of the Djs.

1. Why and what it takes to put my song on DJ Mixes, ?

Why you need to promote your song with a dj  is to gain more publicity and popularity. Because Djs are important, they are the ones in the club, parties doing online mix and street mix tape E.G (Alaba Mix tape) and on radio stations playing music for thousands of listener every day, every night ..

What it takes is to build a relationship with a Dj ... And most djs are always looking for new music.

2. What I stand to gain ?

In this stage as an artist. Don't think of what you want to gain or benefit from a dj. As I said make a relationship with the Djs so you can benefit from him and make it a win-win relationship so the two can gain from each other

Gain or Benefit from a djs are many let me give you two out of it.. Once you make ur way with any djs. You will learn the rest.
1. You will gain a mix tape hosting
2. Ability to upload songs and distribute to other Djs friends. 

3. What my fans stand to gain ?

Once you are doing Good Music. So your fans stands to Enjoy Good and Sound music from you. And they show there love to you by comment to your social media . So that why I advice artist to promote Good Music when ever they want to promote.

4. His it even legal and viable?

Is it legal to promote your song with a Djs YES / NO. To me its a matter of choice if you think you need a djs to play a role in your music career or not. That is if you know the works of a DJ.

5. What the roles of DJs are in music promotion?

Roles of Djs :

1. Provide Music
2. Playing music at radio station
3. Give you music that makes you curious for more
4. Interacting

Roles of djs is by providing music at event. So any artist songs on a djs promotional list will be surely play in any of is event.

Ayodele Oluwasegun .s.
( Gospel Dj X One )


Coming soon: How to build a relationship with Djs .. 
WatchOut for that.  
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