MUSIC: LIVE FOR YOU (ft Ada Queen) + OH MY GOD - G'tyme Paragon @Gtymeparagon1

G'tyme Paragon a gifted rapper, songwriter, and spoken word specialist. A lover of the Gospel of Christ {unashamed}, who uses his gifts as a medium to spread Christ's Gospel to the world.
Gtyme Paragon hails from the eastern Nigeria but grew up in the north of the country. First of five children, he's a strong, active and lively brother.

Live For You is a new single and he features Ada Queen on the chorus. The song talks about how G'Tyme has dedicated his life for God and even death cannot come in between.


The story tends to be amazing when these words are said " Oh My God", that means it's a mind blowing situation as G'tyme Paragon a prolific rapper, songwriter, and a spoken word specialist brings to your understanding what it means to say "OH MY GOD".
OH MY GOD is a song that attempts to describe God in four minutes, telling of his endless mercy, grace, love, and power. A God who is dependable, extremely wonderful making possible the things seem impossible.
I have no doubt myself, so you should not be left out in this experience of an amazing God. " OH MY GOD".

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