NEWS: Christian Satire 'Believe Me' on DVD Today, Film Satirizes Christian Culture

Riot Studios' "Believe Me" is available on DVD on Tues., March 3, allowing audiences everywhere to see the unexpected journey to faith starring Alex Russell.

Directed by Will Bakke, "Believe Me" follows four broke college seniors who start a fake charity to embezzle money for tuition. Aimed specifically at Christians, Sam (Russell) and his friends accrue hefty sums of money before their conscience catches up with them. However, different moral compasses threaten to tear the friends apart, and following the advice of a devout churchgoer named Callie (Johanna Braddy), Sam is transformed as a person.

"The DVD takes 'Believe Me' to a wider audience where we know it will continue to connect, amuse and challenge," Bakke said in a statement.

The director went on to point out the parody found in "Believe Me" that applies to Christians across the world.

"Audiences relate to 'Believe Me' because they see it played out every day," he said. "It's a knowing parody of the power you get just by standing on stage with a microphone, whether you've earned that power or not."

Bakke teamed up once more with Michael B. Allen while writing the film. Since both writers are Christian, the pair also co-wrote "Beware of Christians," a documentary that followed young men across Europe as they asked people how they viewed faith. The film became a cult favorite after the Riot crew stormed college campuses to screen it and sell DVDs.

Fans who loved "Beware of Christians" can now enjoy "Believe Me" which also challenges the norm in the Christian film market. The latest Riot film takes risks, including the accurate portrayal of non-believers which entails some drinking, tobacco, and graphic language.

"We considered it a risk, but not as much as I think many people on the outside looking in would assume," Bakke told The Christian Post in a past interview. "We found a lot of success with documentaries discussing difficult topics, but in a satirical way, and we think comedy makes difficult messages go down easier."  

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