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TwentyFifteen' poem is a classic piece to set the year 2015 on a great note, first from ace poet and lyrical maestro, Khafeel.the beautifully delivered poem is a reflection of the heart cry of Nigeria and the rest of the world, at the start of a new year.

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May our barns be filled with yam
And the tubers be long and fat
May our cellars never dry out
Serving newness with the passing of each new day

May our fields be green
So they can graze, our sheep and cattle
May we have meat in abundance
Enough to feed even the needy
May we drink and never thirst
With merry hearts all the days of the year

Twenty Fifteen, we call you by your name
From years we’ve seen, we ask you change the game
From whence we’ve been, grant us a new fame
The fat and the lean, let the showers fall on same
All the babes we wean, let them grow and not be lame
Be void of sin, and the wild, we party you tame
And when finally your light shall dim,
let men never forget that you came.

We bid you to spring forth new waters From patched lands scorched terrains
Fresh and salty, as the need may arise

Send the rain and end the pain

As we free our hearts and set our minds to Conceive the unimaginable
Gather our acts to do the impossible
Tirelessly pronouncing the unpopular
And living life that is void of mediocrity

Cloth us in apparels of shimmering stone
Emerald and diamonds, refined to the finest tone
Make us dazzling babies as we savour the late night moan
Grant us the best of wheels, German prides bought not on loan
And tastefully built abodes in the world’s choicest zone

Twenty Fifteen. Answer by your name
Prosper don’t play safe
Let men their joys resound as we proclaim thee the year of the ornaments
With trumpets Sounding on C
The drums rolling with such ecstasy
The people dancing stamping joyous feets for all to see
A perfect complement to the soft wind blowing over land and sea
Even as tinsels sway and cling to the rhythm of the harmony that we oversee

Twenty Fifteen
No Im not eighteen
But yeah I feel like a teen
For love don’t cost a thing

We pray thee to spread abroad the love that we men need at a time like this
We ask that your arms embrace us,that ur lips kiss us, and your warmth enclose us
Giving comfort to all that despair and hope to the ones who cry in silence

We pray, that your mornings be filled with joy
Exceedingly great, even past the time of noon
And the eve and the morrow shall ever speak of tranquil peace,
economic order and societal bliss.

Twenty Fifteen
Arise never to fall,
For on ur wings we soar unto limitless heights and sights
Strapped and saddled fast and firm, we ride to the place of our victory
Diving into the worlds deepest depths, we uncover treasures locked beneath the floor of the ocean.

Pregnant you are
Midwives we shall be
Walking you safely through timely delivery of the blessings that you have stored up for our use.

Twenty Fifteen.
With arms stretched all out,
And smiles that melt the heart of the broken.
We bid you a grand welcome.

Artist Bio:-  Born with an innate ability to churn out words in  sumptuous delicacies of divers forms, Dosunmu Olawale Khafeel, an illustrious Nigerian of Yoruba decent, excels on many fronts.

With interests in various fields, including Music, Poetry, Photography, Life Sciences and Wealth Creation, Khafeel is undoubtedly a man of several parts.

If you ask him- God is the ultimate, Family is key, Friends make the world beautiful and Life is what you make out of it.
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