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                                               EXCLUSIVE XONEBLOG INTERVIEW
Nonso Onwuli popularly known as NOLLY shares his music life style with EXCLUSIVE X ONE BLOG INTERVIEW.

XoneBLOG Interview ;- Can you tell us about yourself.?

NOLLY:- My name is Nonso Onwuli popularly known as NOLLY, which is an acronym that stands for Nonso Onwuli Loves Like Yahweh. I'm from Zion but you can trace my earthly roots to Onistha, Anambra state. I'm a  graduate of Pure & Industrial Chemistry from the University Of Nigeria Nsukka. I'm a recording/performing artist, a rapper, singer & song writer...and errrm...I love plantain...guess that'll be all for now.

XoneBLOG Interview ;- Recently, you have had many collaborations with So many Top gospel Artist and Most Recently you had one with Mike Abdul  . How did you get connected to him?

NOLLY:- Its really been God's grace all the way cos none of the collaborations were planned, they just happened.
 I met him for the first time this year in Lagos, at an event  where we both performed.
I met him after the show and we exchanged numbers...

His under CIA Empire Entertainment, an independent record label run by him and his team.

XoneBLOG Interview ;- When and how did you start Music ?           
NOLLY:- I started writing songs at the age of 14, just for fun and for the ladies too...LOL. Decided to make a career out of it at the age of 16 but was torn in between going Secular or gospel. Although I got born a gain when I was 7 yrs (thanks to my favorite aunt, Anty Juliet Tagbo). It was in 2006 when I had a personal, clearer & higher knowledge of God in Believers LoveWorld(BLW) ,University of Nigeria Nsukka, that I decided to dedicate my music to a greater course...Spreading the gospel.
I started music professionally in 2010 when I recorded my first single ever, recorded a lot of songs & Cyphas with other artistes with like mind on campus. Released my first official single Jesus n'asu Igbo in 2013. Released my first collective work "Son Of The Most High" EP on Nov 9, 2014. Since then my movement has just been upwards and forward.

XoneBLOG Interview ;- Which Artist are you trying to Work with Next?

NOLLY:- Errrrm...I won't like to let the cat out of the bag I like surprising people...hehehe...but if you asked which artiste I'm looking forward to work with I'd say Lecrae.

XoneBLOG Interview ;- What do you think is the role of an Artist in the gospel music industry and how would you encourage those who want to take it on?

NOLLY:- Music is a tool, and the devil uses it a lot to pass down many wrong ideologies to people in very subliminal ways and they unconsciously accept them. The role of the artiste is to use his music to pass the right message ( the gospel) to his listeners. Gospel music is not for the church only, its for everybody, Jesus is for everybody! The gospel artiste should look at making music that reaches out to the unsaved.
 To all the upcoming gospel artistes I'd say be Spiritual with your craft, work hard, be good at what you do, perfection is the goal and only excellence is allowed. Get your priorities right. What you're doing is of eternal value, its a great privilege to work with/for God. You'll face challenges for sure but with God your success is guaranteed.

XoneBLOG Interview ;- Why do you Rap in your Language ?

NOLLY:- I guess I already answered that in my song Jesus n'asu Igbo "... I wanna take the gospel to my people"...music is all about connecting with your immediate audience, once they connect witth you, you have their attention and can pass the message you have to them.
I don't rap only in Igbo though, I still have songs where I sang and rapped in English for the international community.

XoneBLOG Interview ;- What Will you do apart from Music ?

NOLLY:- I'm a graduate of Industrial Chemistry from University Of Nigeria, So apart from music I'd be practicing my profession most probably in the oil & gas industry.

XoneBLOG Interview ;- Any last words to those reading this?

NOLLY:- Stop making excuses, make moves. If you're waiting for everything to be perfect you'll probably wait all your life. There is so much you have to offer to this world to make it better. Don't die with it. That idea you have was given to you by God, give birth to it.(I know I just spoke to someone now)
 To everybody that has downloaded my song, and has dropped a comment both positive & negative and have supported in one way or the other, I want to say thank you,  I Love you and God bless you #SOTMH

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