Have The Weapons Arrived?

On Tuesday 11th November, at Mile 12, Ketu, young men from the North were seen hawking machetes and swords in broad daylight

The popular Mile 12 market was filled with all sorts of street hawkers, but it was noticed that it was only the youths from the North that were hawking brand new machetes and swords. The traffic was flowing too fast so they could not be stopped to answer some questions.

Well, maybe seeing machetes should not have aroused suspicion, but swords? Who uses swords in the South?

They were not seen on Wednesday, but on Thursday 13th November, 2014, the young man in the picture was seen selling only machetes. The swords have disappeared. (Maybe, they were sold.)

When asked where he obtained the machete from, he explained he bought it from Lagos Island. He priced it at 1,000 naira, refused to budge at 700 naira, claiming he bought it higher but eventually sold it for 500 naira.


We can only guess.

But consider this conjecture: most trucks bringing foodstuff from the North to Lagos stop at Mile 12. Could it be that a consignment of weapons landed in Lagos, smuggled in under loads of foodstuff? Of course, only northerners could be trusted to offload. In the process of off-loading, some young rascals stole some in order to make some fast bucks. That may explain why the weapons suddenly surfaced in the vicinity of Mile 12 market, Ketu.

I had visited a machete manufacturing company in Port Harcourt some years ago and discovered that freshly manufactured machetes are not sharpened. It is the customer who is expected to sharpen it after purchase in order to avoid abuse. The ones that were seen on the street of Mile 12 are razor sharp. Someone has sharpened the machete and they are ready for action.


One could have been tempted to dismiss the conjecture, if not for another related incident.

On Sunday, we mentioned this at the fellowship and a Sister shocked us by informing us that in Mowe, as they went on evangelism during the week, (the same week) they saw some young northerners in an uncompleted building and sought to evangelize them. The youths they saw were smoking cannabis. The youths told them not to preach to them that they are just waiting for to be paid before they would attack. The brethren were shocked to hear the northern youths brazenly say openly that they would go from house to house attacking. Everything was ready, their weapons have arrived and all they are waiting for is the signal and the payment.

“But”, protested the brethren, “why should you kill innocent people. Don’t you realize that it is evil and it is sin.”

“It is no problem”, replied the youths, “ after we kill them, we shall ask for forgiveness. Allah is all merciful.”


No. On the contrary, this is to mobilize watchfulness and prayers. Watch and pray.

I am convinced the two events during the same week are connected and God in His mercy is still talking to a church that is barely listening. Please consider the pattern:

2013: There was an attempt to blow up the 3rd Mainland Bridge. It failed. (Long before the attack, people have been seen visions that 3rd Mainland Bridge would collapse and lots of people will die. What was not not realized was that it would collapse due to terrorist attack. Therefore, a lot of prayers were mobilized to avert the disaster. They were  to strike on Friday but were discovered on Wednesday.)

2014: There was an attempt to blow up fuel tank farms at Apapa. It failed.

2015: ???


Please do not misunderstand me, I am not trying to cause panic or whip up sentiments, but I get the impression that the church is not preparing for a situation that is so clear you can easily predict what will happen next.

By now churches should be training their people on spiritual warfare prayers. Emphases now should be on taking authority over the demons that are mobilizing massively to cause wholesale destruction in the country. Christians should be trained and deployed to exercise spiritual territorial authority all over the nation.

Unfortunately, most churches still behave as if the party has not ended. I was particularly dismayed that one church in our neighborhood did not allow the neighbors to sleep on Friday. Powerful loud speakers blared throughout the night telling the worshippers how to use praises to receive miracles and breakthrough! In the midst of all these! They danced throughout the night, meanwhile their brethren are being killed in gruesome manner!!!

No wonder God says the Nigerian church is an “irresponsible” church. (God said it, not me.)


        Christians are not trained and deployed to exercise spiritual dominion over the terrorists and “those that delight in war”. A senior pastor counseled recently that the Nigerian church should declare a state of emergency in the church, suspend all activities and focus on prayers. How many churches have complied? In addition, a set of counsels were given on “7 Things the Church Should Do Now”. (www.deejayxone.blogspot.com ) How many churches are taking concrete steps to forestall the imminent calamity?
       I was shocked to hear at a prophetic ministers conference on Saturday that the children of Ishmael now go to big churches around 1 a.m. on Sunday mornings with incense and other articles of sorcery to enchant and cast spells on Christians. The elder who spoke is too responsible to talk carelessly. He confirmed, and other ministers present at the prophetic conference bore witness that it is happening. Please train and deploy the people to man the night hours in warfare prayers. This is no time to sleep!
       Please teach the people to return to righteousness and holiness so that their prayers can be effective; God does not listen to sinners. And please, let us stop preaching prosperity and breakthrough; let us desist from provoking the Spirit of Jealousy through the worship of mammon.
      Christians are not trained to expect crisis. If anything should happen, the people will be in disarray. Begin to prepare now. If there is an attack, what should the people do?
       Which telephone number should they call if any crisis breaks out? Or, if they suspect that something evil is brewing, whom should they contact? Are the churches working in consonance with security agencies? Let us not forget that there are Christians also in the security services.
      If people are injured, which hospitals should they run to? For your information, more people are seeing revelations of corpses all over the streets and people running helter-skelter. I think people should go and read again the prophetic revelation “And There Was War”
Someone sent this to me on SMS on 3rd November, 2014, ”I had a terrible revelation by 1.35 a.m. this morning. Boko Haram invaded Lagos, blocked the whole streets and went from house to house killing Christians. I narrowly escaped being lynched by my cousin. My neighbor was badly injured but was spared when she agreed to be a Muslim. Many corpses lay on the street, the sight was terrifying. Many of the people I knew lost their lives.”
       If people have to rally round to defend themselves, according to the law, how should they go about it? What are the plans of the pastors to protect their sheep if any calamity should strike?
      Churches on the same street, in the same neighborhood, irrespective of denomination, should come together and hold security meetings.
Begin to close ranks now.

Lo, I have told you.

Your brother in Christ,
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