Chief Victor Umeh Tears Of Love

Some ignorant persons have been criticizing the emotions by shown by the National Chairman of APGA and our Senatorial aspirant for Anambra Central, Chief Sir Victor Umeh, Ohamadike global at the home of the Great Zik of Africa who fortunately was an Igbo man from Anambra State.

Some of these misinformed seem to be part of the lost and visionless generation that do not wish anything good on the Igbo nation, otherwise how can the emotions shown by the National Chairman of our party be seen as a joke or political gimmick. Is it really easy for a full-fledged man renowned for his brevity and courage to shed tears in public? It worries me so much when people that cannot even see beyond their nose make mockery of actions of better informed mortals, is it all parts of the decay in our society, the primary reason that prompted the emotions.

Sir Victor Umeh does not need emotions to win Anambra Central, he needs track records, he has it already. Sir Victor Umeh is miles ahead of so many by consistently defending the positions of the oppressed in the society. It will be absolutely wrong to see him as a sectional or tribal leader, he is a passionate Nigerian that is passionate about his Nigerianianess but recognising that he is first of all an Igbo man, charity begins at home. Ohamadike knows the values that were the norm in the days of our late Leaders. The Ziks, Akanu Ibiams. M I Okparas, Mbonu Ojikes and so many more others. Ohamadike wept because the decadence today is alarming and unacceptable. He felt helpless that the modern generation has let these founding fathers down. In terms of values, as a people, where do we think we are today? If our late founding fathers were to rise today and score us, do we think they will be proud of us or will they suffer massive heart attacks with unquantifiable disappointment, dying and never to come back again? Sir Victor Umeh's emotions encompassed all these concerns and more. Technology is available and cheap, anyone can pick up a cheap phone anywhere and get on the internet and start commenting without any clue on what they are commenting on.
Most are band- wagoners, they check the uninformed opinion of the first person and they just join the cue, they must say something. Most of the people that want to criticize have never taking time to know whom they are talking about. What is it that Chief Sir Victor Umeh has not done for the Igbo nation primarily, Nigeria and still prepared to do more? You that is commenting, what have you done for yourself before talking of the Igbo nation and Nigeria? You are a major part of the failure, the reason why Ohamadike wept. Let me be clear, Sir Victor Umeh has no personal reasons to show emotions, if there is any word called success, he qualifies as a successful man. Success is not all about material things, he is a fulfilled man spiritually, physically and otherwise. His pains are you and I. His pain is Nigeria and how we managed to navigate this ship recklessly to such a terrible state. His pain is the visionless-ness in the society, a clueless society that is somehow lapse in detailed analysis and understanding of the present decadence and the consequences on all of us. Sir Victor Umeh wept because he was heartbroken, even in his successes, he felt empty and worthless in the resting place of one of the most respected leaders known to mankind, a fellow Igbo man, he wept because he recognizes we all failed, he wept for all of us. Showing emotion is not a sign of weakness, it is a passionate recognition that a lot is lost therefore a lot more need to be done, it is equally a relief or emptying of burden.

In all these hopelessness, Sir Victor Umeh is re-energized because he has not lost hope. He still believes that we can make this world a better place for ourselves and generations yet unborn so that our children would be fair to us if and when they find time to visit our final resting places. Having been in charge of APGA as the National Chairman for about eight years, he is now a lot more mature to change gear of the game to a different level as a Senator of the Federal Republic representing the good people of Anambra Central Senatorial zone. If we do not want to see men weep, let us learn to do better by voting for credible and courageous people to lead us, people that will boldly impart positively on us, people that we shall remember and thank God that He brought such light in such a wonderful period that there is a difference. One of such rare great human beings is Chief Sir Victor Umeh, by my humble judgement, please feel the man to know him. Chief Sir Willie Obiano, Akpokuo global is doing well, let the Senators, House of Reps, and House of Assembly members all come from the same APGA, such will support Governor Obiano in continuous delivery of dividends of democracy without any distraction, Anambra and Chief Sir Victor Umeh shall weep no more. 
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