What is the Christian Music Trend and How Can it Be Seen in Our Lives Today?

For years, Christian music has been one of the fastest-growing trend in the mainstream industry. Even the earliest records of blues, jazz, and soul trace back to the concept of Christianity.

But over time, contemporary artists such as Chris Tomlin, Newsboys, and Jeremy Camp have proved themselves worthy of creating a solid foundation for the faith through powerful music.

The Christian music trend has significantly skyrocketed since its start with the Jesus Movement back in the 1970's. The movement was founded by those who were jaded of the 'popular' songs about drugs and other things that were considered 'unhealthy.' They wanted something that taught the love of God to the people. They wanted the masses to find a refuge from the chaos of the world. They wanted to show the world that what was popular was not always right, and what was right was not always popular. Ever since, the contemporary Christian genre has clicked with millions of listeners around the world, defining what we know as the Christian music trend.

Since taking off as a mainstream genre, Christian contemporary has been supported by numerous artists willing to shine for Jesus through their music and words. Amy Grant and DC Talk were among the first. Stryper helped shape Christian rock as we know it, influencing renowned bands such as Skillet, which is somewhat of a legend around the world. But even Skillet, led by lead singer John Cooper, give all the glory to Him every time they hit the stage. They admit that without His blessing, they would never be where they are today.

Through rock anthems and beautiful ballads alike, groups like these somehow have managed to touch uncountable lives. Their fanbases are quickly becoming masses of people who have given their lives up to Christ because of the message conveyed in these songs. Even obsessive followers of modern artists such as Eminem are crossing over to the positive, encouraging message of similiar-sounding Christian individuals such as KJ-52. Perhaps the reason the Christian music industry is thriving so well is because of the human desire to hear something bright, something that brings the love of God in such a dark time.

Not only do these followers of Jesus minister through their music- sometimes to best way to say something is to do just that- say something. Not so long ago, Christian music revivals and gatherings were born. In these gatherings, many Christian groups come together and perform for the audience. In between performances, sometimes an individual will give their testimony, their message, and their story. It can be seen through the lives of millions just how much impact these words have. In these gatherings such as Acquire the Fire and Winter Jam, fans react to the call from God, stimulated by an inspiring song or a story of hope.

And when these new lives return, the ones around them can see the change. They can see the newly-found happiness and kindness that their friend has gained, and their eyes can be opened to what God can do in their own lives. Through song, the artist has a chance to just pour out all of their emotion and all that they want to say into the lyrics. Then, the lyrics are backed by either a slow, passionate melody that has countless lifting their hands in praise, or a strong, catchy riff that gets countless others pumped up for Jesus. Either way, there is no doubt that Christian Music is a real, life-changing genre that will never die out.

All in all, Christian Music is more than just a trend. It is a wonderful discovery, and its abundant fanbase will continue to add new flavors to it as life goes on. It is something that can remain in your heart forever, just like the passion and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. It is something that pulls at your heartstrings, keeps you on your feet, and gives you a new energy at the same time. No matter what its enemies say, Christian Music is something that will live on forever through the lives of both sinners and believers. Truly, there will never be another genre that can change lives as this one has.
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