Pastor Bosun’s messages raises some fundamental question for those who wear the title of Christians.


For me, Pastor Bosun’s messages raises some fundamental question for those who wear the title of Christians.

Firstly, can we as a people said to be followers of Christ? The truth is that at least 55 percent of Nigeria’s populations are Christians. At least, fifty percent of those who work in the civil service in Nigeria are Christians also. If this is true and ten percent of that population are Disciples of Christ, then corruption and bribery in Nigeria will not be such a monster in our midst.

The evidence is that in most ministries and parastatals you go to in Nigeria today, the people who appear to be most forward and brazen in the manner they demand for bribe bear Christian names. A brother recounted his experience at the Ikoyi Passport office, where an officer just came out of a morning fellowship and started asking for gratification before she could do her normal duty for which she was employed. Please do a simple investigation. Go to to Ikeja Distribution Company to report a simple fault. Go to any Immigration Office in Lagos or Abuja to fix your passport and see how tongue speaking believers will treat your case if you are not ready to play ball. Of course they pay their tithes in their local Assemblies so our ‘new generation’ Pastors are happy with them. What is responsible for this situation? Pastor Bosun rightfully identified the problem that we have stopped raising disciples.

Secondly, what was the response of the Southern Christians to the onslaught of our brethren in the North of Nigeria? Pastor Bosun merely drew our attention to an ongoing agenda of the Islamic North to wipe Christianity away from the North. What is going on there is a deliberate pogrom the objective of which is to wipe away Christianity from the North by killing the Christians there. That is what is fuelling the crisis in the North. The document he quoted as the Abuja declaration was available on the Internet until it was modified after he drew attention to it.

While we were busy holding our mega Musical carnivals with our unborn-again worship (read soulish) leaders and building our mega Cathedrals, it took a sensitive group from Canada to lead in the effort that has resulted in re-settling some of the orphaned children in Abeokuta. I thought we would be repentant as a people if one called our attention to our slumber instead of responding in denials, sinful silence and outright castigation of the messenger.

If a man like Bishop Idahosa were to be alive today, will he keep quiet in the midst of such carnage against his brethren and children? I think it is a shame for some who answers fathers, daddys and GOs today that while they kept quiet, God had to raise an unknown voice to raise a cry for him. Is it not a sign that God is by-passing that generation to work with a new generation that will rise above the fear of death.

Jesus once said that in the spiritual world, there is no room for neutrality. “He that is not with me is against me and he that gathereth not with me scattareth.”  (Lk.11:23) We are living in the time of the war of kingdoms where we must not seek to be politically correct otherwise we will be working against our own kingdom. “And they overcame him by the blood of their lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death (or too much as to shrink from death.) Rv.12:11.

Lastly, what is Pastor Bosun’s sin if he drew attention of those of his own company of the sinister scheming of an adversary to create a political vehicle to further their political interests?

If we are truly Christians and we function by the Spirit, all we will do is to go to the Lord in prayers and ask Him some questions. This is the mark of a true disciple of Christ. “.. The sheep hear His voice and he calleth His own sheep by name. My sheep hear My voice and I know them and they follow Me.” Jn.10:3,27.

God is not going to speak from heaven to people again. The Israelites (representing humanity) could not bear His voice and He said (according to their plea) that He will always send to them one from their own brethren to speak to them on His behalf. (Dt.18:15-19).

Whenever someone speaks in the name of the Lord, we should seek the Lord about it and ask the following questions:

a)      Lord did you send him?

b)      If you sent him, did he misrepresent you or add his own in any way?

c)      If you sent him, how should I/we respond? Revelation brings responsibility. Once God has spoken and you are His true child, there is something you are supposed to do as a result of hearing that word. It may be as simple as praying, sharing the word, and acting on it or even supporting the messenger of God. That is one of the surest ways to show that you fear God and to attract his blessing. The Bible calls it ‘trembling at the word of God’ (Is.66:1-2)

d)      God may tell you expressly in the place of seeking that He did not send the messenger and to contradict the message. If God tells you to do this and you are sure it is God, then you must contradict the message using available media for the benefit of the vulnerable and the weak who are likely to be misled once they see God’s name mentioned.

e)      NEVER contradict a messenger of God unless He asks you to do so. That is one of the worst sins you can commit against God and may lead you to hell or early grave. This is because when God sends His word through a messenger, He measures it to have an effect and once you start contradicting Him you are inviting death. Please read Jer.28:5-17 and note what befell Hannaniah. I fear that Pastor Bosun’s message will raise and kill many Hannaniah’s in the apostate Church.

f)       What do you do when you have prayed and has not heard the Lord that the message is from him or not from him? You simply keep quiet and pray that the Lord’s will be done. However, if you pray and seek the Lord on such a sensitive matter and you do not get a response, you may have to do the following checks on yourself:

-          Are you still in faith?

-          Is there sin, disobedience or unbelief in your life? If you have not obeyed God in things He has told you to do in the past, why should He keep talking to you?

-          Are you in the congregation of the dead? (See Dt.26:14) If you are in a place where the leader is in active rebellion against God or has lost his connection to Him, it operates as a covering cast. You may not be able to hear the voice of God. That is why God commands: “come out from her My people so that ye be not partakers of her sin and that ye receive not of her plaques.” (Rev.18:4).

For me, the sin Pastor Bosun committed is that he spoke plainly in a generation where people who should speak plainly are afraid of speaking plainly for fear of the consequences. There is a price to pay for speaking plainly especially in our clime. I am sure Pastor Bosun is finding that out now.

However, (and this is My view), though I believe I have the Spirit of God; I judge that the Lord God of heaven commanded Pastor Bosun to speak out and the Lord he has obeyed is able to defend him from ferocious wolves and the fifth columnists.

The Lord started speaking to our fathers (people like Pa Elton) that denominationalism  will not allow Him to use the organized Church to fulfill His purpose for the nations, and that He will seek outside denominational walls and raise men who will carry His burden.

In 2010, the Lord showed me that He was going to raise 8 different kinds of co-workers (outside denominational walls) to bear His burden with Him Now. The eight are:

-          Messengers: who will hear His voice clearly and say things that may not be said from controlled platforms and pulpits.

-          Town criers: who will raise a cry and warn the sheep of dangers.

-          Magnets: That will have platforms to gather people around the purposes of God, since denominationalism will create walls and prisons.

-          Mordecais: True fathers who will give and care for their children and not always seek to take, and for whom fatherhood is not a title but a heavy responsibility to God.

-          Wound dressers: raised on account of many wounds that will arise within as a result of apostate Christianity and Babylon in the house.

-          Encouragers: Because of the complexion of the last days and what is coming, to prevent many hearts failing (Lk.21:26).

-          Financiers: Whom God will raise because the gospel burden has been placed on Nigeria’s neck. I believe this shift started in 2000 and completed in 2010.

-          Judgment Axes: Those the Lord will raise with an unusual anointing to deal with satanic altars and thrones, because hell will seek to come down to the earth.

I believe that Pastor Bosun is a Town Crier or Messenger or a combination of both. I believe he is a sincere vessel for the Lord. Let us pray for him and uphold him because the truth is that God has used him to expose evil and bring some things to light and Satan hates exposure.

In Christ,

Messenger !!!
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